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Call for a FREE Consultation: (916) 288-9193 Hablamos Espanol • Мы говорим по-русски

Call for a FREE Consultation: (916) 288-9193
Hablamos Espanol • Мы говорим по-русски

7 Common Workplace Injuries in California

Workplace injuries are common, and the workers’ compensation attorneys at Sacramento Workers’ Compensation, P.C. have helped hundreds of people secure the benefits they are entitled to by law.

Common, But Not Identical

7 Common Workplace Injuries in CaliforniaWorkers ‘ compensation injuries can vary widely depending on the industry and specific job requirements. From simple cuts or abrasions to life-altering injuries that affect a person’s ability to earn a living, workers’ compensation benefits are a legally required protection for employees in California.

Here are seven common workplace-related injuries in California that often require a workers’ compensation case to be opened:

  1. Back Injuries: Improperly lifting heavy or awkwardly shaped objects can lead to serious back injuries, including herniated discs that require long-term rehabilitation.
  2. Burns: Chemical, liquid, and electrical burns occur across industries and can be extremely painful, requiring significant time away from work in extreme cases.
  3. Eye Injuries: Exposure to dust, debris, chemicals, or flying objects is everyday in workplaces, in addition to biological contaminants in the healthcare industry.
  4. Repetitive Stress Injuries: Daily tasks such as data entry or assembly line work often lead to long-term conditions like carpal tunnel syndrome.
  5. Knee Injuries: Regardless of a person’s age, no one knows how resilient their knees, including tendons and ligaments, are until they have a job that requires constant climbing, squatting, and other repetitive lower leg movements.
  6. Respiratory Issues: Exposure to hazardous and even toxic materials, poor air quality, or other workplace ventilation issues can lead to respiratory disease or ailments that are difficult to correct, such as asthma.
  7. Head Injuries: Trauma to the head can occur in almost any workplace, but significantly where footing or balance issues (roofing, construction, warehouses) can contribute to falls, resulting in concussions or even worse injuries.

Claim the Benefits You Are Entitled to By Law

Regardless of industry and even in the safest workplace environments, injuries like those listed above can and do occur in workplaces every day across California. Additionally, if your employer doesn’t follow workplace requirements, your risk of getting hurt at work is even higher.  

Sacramento Workers Compensation Attorneys, P.C. offers a no-risk, free consultation to discuss the facts of your workplace injury. Our attorneys can help you through all stages of a claim, from initial paperwork to gathering medical records evidence and dealing with insurance companies. We will help you understand your rights and options and fight for a fair settlement on your behalf so you can spend your energy on healing from your injury.

Call Sacramento Workers Compensation Attorneys, P.C. today at 916-288-9193, and let us start working for you.