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Hablamos Espanol • Мы говорим по-русски

California Workers Endure Extreme Temperatures 

Workers in California have faced extreme temperatures this summer as heatwaves have increased temperature levels across the state. As a result of covid restrictions, many indoor workplaces have shifted their employees to work in outdoor settings. These workers face serious injury due to extreme temperatures. This risk poses a liability issue for potential workers’ compensation for those who suffer a severe personal injury, such as heat stroke and dehydration, while on the job. 

Heatstroke Risk and Workers’ Compensation

California Workers Endure Extreme TemperaturesAs businesses reopen their indoor spaces, this summer heat has forced some employers to monitor their indoor temperature levels for employee health and safety measures. OSHA outlines that indoor working temperatures must be kept at and maintained below 87 degrees Fahrenheit. OSHA does not have specific sets of standards for outdoor heat working limitations. However, the OSHA employee safety act places the employer in charge of operating in conditions that uphold these safety standards. 

Heat-Related Illness Statistics  

Plenty of industries, such as construction, landscaping, and agriculture, sometimes force workers to endure extreme heat conditions while on the job. Since 1979, 11,000 Americans have died of heat-related illnesses.

Tips to Avoid Heat-Related Illness and Injury

As workers continue their jobs, the list below can help advise those enduring these extreme conditions to avoid heat-related illnesses. 

  • Drink water before, during, and after work. 
  • Take lots of breaks and rest.
  • Take breaks in the shade or a cool area away from the heat.
  • Please be sure to pace yourself while working. 
  • Avoid dehydrating drinks like soda or alcohol. 
  • Dress light and avoid wearing thick or warm clothing. 
  • Wear sunscreen and avoid long periods of sun exposure to prevent sunburns. 
  • Please keep in mind heatstroke symptoms.

Heatstroke Symptoms 

Heatstroke is a severe type of heat-related illness. It occurs when the body cannot control its internal temperature, and the human sweat mechanism fails to lower body heat temperature. It’s essential to be conscious of the symptoms of heatstroke. So that you can notice and act before these symptoms turn deadly. Here is a list of the symptoms of heat-related illnesses like heat stroke.

  • High body temperature around 103°F.
  • Red, hot, damp, or dry skin 
  • Strong or fast pulse 
  • Headache 
  • Dizziness
  • Nausea 
  • Confusion 
  • Loss of consciousness  

As the heat of summer continues, it’s essential to understand that workers exposed to intense heat on the job are at extreme risk of dehydration and heat-related illnesses. The employer is responsible for maintaining and monitoring the safety conditions their workers must endure while on the job. However, not all employers are aware of the risks of excessive heat on their employees. Suppose you have acquired a severe personal injury while working in extreme heat due to your employer’s actions. You should seek legal help to obtain workers’ compensation for your injuries. Contact Sacramento workers’ Compensation Attorneys P.C. to speak with a team of qualified workers’ compensation attorneys and get your job and life back on track.