Dangerous / Unsafe Condition in Workplace: Machine Safety Guards

In one year alone, OSHA issued almost 2,400 citations for violations of machine safety guards. Machine safety guards are the ninth most violated of all of the OSHA standards. In this article, we will address questions and standards that our Sacramento Workers Compensation attorneys regularly handle in addressing machine safety guard injuries. We will discuss the types of machines that are required to have safety guards and the general regulations related to workplace safety as it relates to machine safety guards. We will also cover how to report claims related to injuries from machine safety guards for serious & willful penalties as well as how to report an employer that does not install, properly maintain, or remove safety guards. 

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As Sacramento Workers’ Compensation Attorneys, we are confronted with employees that have suffered serious injuries in the workplace from the operation of machines with either defective, removed, or designed without proper guards. This article only touches on a few of the many regulations that apply to guards on machines on the job site, but it is a general framework of the types of regulations that may apply. If you have been injured as the result of a dangerous machine, please contact one of our Sacramento Workers’ Compensation Attorneys for a free consultation.