Elbow Injury at Work

Repetitive elbow movements, like lifting heavy loads, can disrupt your daily activities and lead to elbow injuries. If you’ve experienced an elbow injury at work, get in touch with one of our Sacramento workers’ compensation lawyers for a consultation. Our lawyers specialize in workers’ compensation and we can help you determine if your elbow injury is a work-related injury and if you can claim disability. We can also help you determine your compensation for your elbow injury and how much you can request for a broken elbow. If you need assistance filing a claim, visit us in our Sacramento Workers’ Compensation Attorneys P.C. office so we can help you explore your legal options.

Tennis elbow is an elbow injury caused by overuse and repetitive elbow motions. It causes pain, soreness, and inflammation along the outer side of the elbow. If left untreated, tennis elbow frequently results in limited elbow motions and the degeneration of the structures found in the area.

Tennis elbow is named as such because tennis players are most susceptible to developing this type of elbow injury.

In addition to tennis and other sports, there are certain types of jobs that have a high risk of developing this type of injury. These jobs include construction workers, assembly line workers, food and packing workers, and cashiers. 

If you work in these industries and are suffering from elbow pain, you may be able to seek compensation for your elbow injury. 

You can claim disability for tennis elbow if the injury happened at work. But, you can only claim disability and workers’ compensation benefits if you prove you sustained the injury doing something directly related to your job description. You also need to prove you have not been negligent or careless in your conduct.

Not only can tennis elbow interfere with your daily activities, but it can also lead to permanent long-term disabilities and prevent you from doing your job. That’s why it’s critical to get immediate medical care to prevent complications from developing.

What can you do?

Elbow injuries sustained at work can significantly affect your way of life and prevent you from working. If you think your tennis elbow is a work-related injury, it’s important to seek counsel. If you’d like to learn more about claiming disability for tennis elbow, how much compensation you can you get for an elbow injury, or if you can claim a broken elbow sustained at work, give Sacramento Workers’ Compensation Attorneys, P.C. a call. Our expert Sacramento workers’ compensation lawyers will help you file a case and protect your rights as an employee, especially if you’re facing disputes with your employer.