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Hablamos Espanol • Мы говорим по-русски

Neck Injury at Work

Depending on the severity and symptoms, neck injuries are expensive to treat. You must visit a Sacramento workers’ compensation attorney if you’ve sustained a neck injury at work. We understand the various degrees of neck injuries and if cervical radiculopathy could be work-related. We can also explain the common treatments for neck injuries and how to file a workers’ compensation claim for a neck injury. If you wish to learn more about your options, please don’t hesitate to contact one of our lawyers at Sacramento Workers’ Compensation Attorneys, P.C. 

A neck injury is any injury to the structures found in the neck area, including muscles, ligaments, tendons, and bones. Although a rigid structure, the neck can be easily injured by abrupt movements or sudden external force. Common causes of minor neck injuries include neck strain, improper pillow support, and odd neck posture. Although these can cause pain and neck stiffness, the symptoms typically go away after addressing the root of the problem.

Moderate neck injuries can affect your day-to-day activities, including work. Mild neck injuries can cause more than pain, inflammation, and limited range of motion. Additional symptoms include: 

  • Prolapsed discs
  • Whiplash 
  • Cervical spondylosis 
  • Herniated discs

Severe neck injuries involve significant damage to the neck area. These types of injuries often lead to varying degrees of temporary or permanent paralysis. Severe neck injuries are devastating and debilitating and need intensive medical treatment.

There are many different treatments available to treat your work-related neck injury. The type of treatment depends on the severity of your neck injury. Common treatments include: 

  • Medications (anti-inflammatory or prescription pain drugs) 
  • Physical therapy
  • Chiropractic services
  • Acupuncture
  • Surgery 

Cervical radiculopathy is an impingement of a nerve found in the neck region. It can be caused by neck compression due to trauma (whiplash), arthritis, or a ruptured disc. When the nerve is compressed, it gets irritated, causing inflammation and pain that can spread or radiate down the shoulder, back, arm, forearm, and even fingers.  

Cervical radiculopathy is very common in the workplace, primarily if you work at a computer or your job involves repetitive spine movements. Workers required to do heavy physical labor are also at risk of developing a neck injury.

The construction and landscape industries have a high risk of neck injuries. Nurses, surgeons, dentists, and those in the healthcare industry are also at risk. Anyone who stands or sits for long periods is at risk of neck injuries.

The workers’ compensation process can seem daunting if you have suffered a workplace neck injury. Report your injury to your employer as soon as possible to have the best chance of receiving the benefits you deserve. After informing your employer, seek medical attention. Tell your doctor your injury is a result of a workplace accident. Keep track of all documentation given during your initial evaluation. Then, file a claim to start the workers’ compensation process. If you need help filing a claim, contact a Sacramento Workers’ Compensation Attorney today. 

What can you do?

Neck injuries, even minor ones, shouldn’t be ignored. If the symptoms affect your daily life, you need an experienced lawyer to help you with your case. Visit Sacramento Workers’ Compensation Attorneys, P.C. now, or call us. Our lawyers can help you understand a moderate neck injury and if cervical radiculopathy can be work-related. We’ll help you file a claim and determine how much compensation you can get for a neck injury. Call one of our Sacramento workers’ compensation attorneys now to explore your options.