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Call for a FREE Consultation: (916) 288-9193 Hablamos Espanol • Мы говорим по-русски

Call for a FREE Consultation: (916) 288-9193
Hablamos Espanol • Мы говорим по-русски

Slip and Fall Accidents in the Workplace

Working in any environment has its inherent risk and dangers. In some occupations, the chances for severe personal injury might be more significant than in others. However, the principle that an accident can happen at any time is still taken seriously by workers’ compensation insurance companies and employers. One of the more common causes of personal injuries that occur in the workplace is slips and falls.

According to the National Safety Council, Falls is one of the leading causes of unintentional injuries in the United States, accounting for approximately 8.9 million trips to the emergency room in 2019. These accidents can happen as the result of a variety of different causes. Most causes for slips and falls can be associated with uneven surfaces, wet flooring, broken or crumbling pavement, protruding objects such as rebar or piping, and height differences between walkways. The dangers of slip and fall injuries can be seen primarily in construction site settings. However, these same dangers still present themselves in other occupations. 

Injuries for Slip and Fall Accidents 

Slip and Fall Accidents in the WorkplaceAccording to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, slips and falls account for nearly 700 deaths per year in the workplace. When tripping and falling, our natural reaction is to outstretch our hands to protect our heads. For falling accidents, the common injuries sustained are injuries to the joints of the wrists, elbows, and arms, damage to knees, and lacerations on the face or facial bone fractures. Less common injuries sustained from a fall include torn ligaments, concussions, brain trauma, broken bones, nerve damage, and even death.

What to do if  You’ve Sustained a Personal Injury at Work

Suppose you’ve been injured due to a fall or slip accident while on the job. Following these steps is essential to ensure you have the proper documentation to file for a workers’ compensation claim. 

  • Report your accident and injury to your supervisor or manager. 
  • Seek medical attention to treat your injuries.
  • Document your description of the events that led to the injury 
  • Create a list of potential witnesses of the personal injury you sustained. 

A personal injury from a fall or slip at work can be frustrating and challenging. At Sacramento workers’ compensation P.C., Our Team of qualified workers’ compensation attorneys understands your pain and frustration. Our team will work with you throughout every step to ease your stress. We aim to get you back on your feet by obtaining the workers’ compensation benefits you deserve. Please take advantage of our FREE no-obligation consultation. Call us at (916) 288-9193 or visit our website to chat directly with an attorney.