Evaluation of Permanent Disability

Permanent disability is intended to compensate an employee for limitations that an employee may physically have from an on the job injury. Many people have a permanent disability, yet still return to their prior job. In this article, our Sacramento Workers’ Compensation Attorney will cover everything you need to know about the evaluation of permanent disabilities. In particular, we will discuss how permanent disability is defined and who decides your percentage of permanent disability. We will also examine everything you need to know about Qualified Medical Examiners and the effect that pre-existing conditions can have on a permanent disability award.

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If you are at a stage in which you need a Qualified Medical Evaluator or maybe be permanent and stationary, we highly recommend you contact one of our Sacramento Workers’ Compensation Attorneys. In this article, we attempted to address questions about the evaluation of permanent disabilities that our Sacramento Workers’ Compensation Attorneys face daily. We hope you will consider contacting one of the attorneys at the Sacramento Workers Compensation Attorneys, P.C. if you have other questions regarding the evaluation of your permanent disability or your workers’ compensation case.