Temporary Disability / Modified Duty

If you are injured on the job and unable to work during a period of your medical recovery, you are potentially entitled to temporary disability to help replace your lost income. Those payments generally are paid until you are able to return to work, become permanent or stationary, or have exceeded the maximum allowed under the law. Our Sacramento Workers’ Compensation Attorneys are regularly confronted with questions from clients regarding temporary disability rights. In this article, we will discuss the timing of temporary disability payments and how temporary disability payments are calculated. We will also cover whether you have to accept alternative or modified work as well as how other payments such as State Disability Insurance and private insurance disability affects temporary disability. 

CA WC Case Temporary Disability

In this article, we attempted to give you a broad overview and answer some of the questions that our Sacramento Workers’ Compensation Attorneys receive with respect to temporary disability rights. If you have questions about any of these, or other matters related to your workers compensation case, we hope you will consider contacting one of the attorneys at the Sacramento Workers Compensation Attorneys, P.C.